About Us

MTV Angels Ventures Alliance (AVA) is an alliance of angel investors and venture capitalists based in Medan, Indonesia. AVA was initially founded to be a source of capital for Medan Tech Valley startup companies, but now it also sources for deals across the border with a preference for Internet startups. AVA typically invests in angel and seed rounds.



In AVA, we strongly believe that the entrepreneur and his/her team is the key success determinant of a startup. “Ideas are cheap, execution is everything” holds true in most cases. Once we make an investment in your startup, we are invested in you and your team. We let you lead your company without abandoning you. You can always tap into our invaluable network of mentors who are/were entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and corporate executives with extensive experience in fields ranging from farming to financial engineering for guidance.

Entrepreneurship is tough. Entrepreneurship in a fast-changing, ever-evolving industry such as Tech is brutal, but the fruit of success is so sweet that only a few privileged warriors get to taste. Those who had would not trade it for anything else. If you think you have what it takes, contact us!



AVA is a close-knit circle of angel investors and venture capitalists. Membership requires nomination from two existing members and approval from the Board. AVA members are esteemed individuals from diverse business backgrounds with expertise ranging from skincare to biomass power generation. We source investment deals worldwide with a focus on the tech startup arena and conduct due diligence on behalf of our members who have full discretion over their choice of investment.


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Office Address:
MTV Angels Ventures Alliance
BnG Tower Level 12 Unit 02
Jl. Putri Hijau II No.8
Medan, North Sumatera 20111